Badass Duck Calls

2018 Blackwater Custom Duck Calls

The new site is up and running !!!  Several new calls are now posted and many more to come.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will visit again.

My name is Bruce Sims and I’m the owner of Badass Duck Calls.  I have a small shop in Emory, Texas where I make handcrafted Duck calls. 

All barrels are personally hand crafted by me.  I select the material, stabilize the material, cast the resin, turn the call on my lathe, apply the sealer and hand polish each piece. When each call is complete, I personally inspect and tune it before it ever leaves my shop.

No call can ever be duplicated, they are truly one of a kind.  If you purchase a call online, that is the call you will receive.  If you want something not shown on my site such as a custom band, particular colors or a type of wood, contact me and I will try to fulfill your request.  If a Call that you like but would rather have a different color Insert or if you want to change the reeds from a Double to a Single or visa versa, this can be done upon request.

All of the Closeout and Sale Calls are still made to the exact standards of all other calls but may have a slight defect.  Most defects are so small the are hard to detect.  They will still blow the same as the others just at a reduced price.

If you will notice there are no Predator Calls on the site.  They sold out quick.  I am waiting on Parts and don’t know when they will arrive.  I will put the on ASAP 

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will choose Badass Duck Calls to hang on your lanyard.

Good Hunting!!!